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Guangzhou Wind Force Electronic Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Xian Feng Enterprise. The company was established by the end of the last century. Wind Force is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou. This ideal location in China allows us to provide quality products to our customers at competitive prices as well as to give ease of inventory transportation across the globe.
Wind Force produces audio related products under the name, “Biema”, a registered brand in the United States. While our growth is skyrocketing, we spend a significant amount of capital each year in research and development (R&D) as our goal is to become the regional technological leader in the audio field. Our products have received various positive praises from our customers. We will continue to provide high quality products and services to our valued customers.
After years of development, Wind Force has a large factory site and a strong work team. The annual capacity of products reaches to several hundred thousand pieces.
Senior Engineer, professor, accountant, economists and technician are occupied 40% in the whole company.
The company has received the certificate from ISO9001& ISO14001 International Quality Control System. Our production and QC management are strictly carried out under the ISO terms.
ERP management system is also adopted throughout the whole production and sale procedure from material collect to cargo delivery.
All products have received CE, CB, TUV, CCC, KE and RoHS approvals. Patents for product outlook, especially the new products design, have been applied and approved.
There are more than 60 Biema distributors all over the world. Biema audio products have been widely used in hundreds of important locations worldwide, such as the Red Square in Moscow, NATO allied forces, Thailand Kingdom Television Station, Beijing Olympics, Shanghai EXPO etc.
Biema was a brand registered in the United States and China. The brand also has Madrid Trade Mark Registration within its more than fifty agreement countries and twenty protocol countries such as Russia, Vietnam, Italy, Bulgaria, Austria, Turkey, Singapore, etc.
Biema not only has its English and Chinese website but also there are Russian website, Italian website, Spanish website, Portuguese website launched by its distributors.
Biema products enable the highest performance but comparable low price in today's market. They are collected with multifunction digital amplifier to versatile active speakers, from mini home audio system to big touring system. Nothing can stop us from creation and going ahead. Every product is developed and produced by our heart. Therefore, our products have received various praises from our customers. Biema audio would like to share this achievement with all of you!
However, everything we do and every step we go ahead is considering what the market requires and what our customer desires. In order to be engaged in increasing and promoting our own brand, “Biema”, we are striving to explore the potential market and work hard to highlight to the customer and many other services as OEM or ODM! We will carry forward our experience in the past decade and forge ahead to become one of the best manufacturer in audio industry!

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